Servicing & Repairs

Burton's Auto Centre offers servicing and repairs for all makes and models of vehicles and will provide you with significant savings compared to a main dealer,  all work is fully insured.


  • Maintaining a full service history.

  • Only fit original parts or parts of matching qaulity.

  • Latest diagnostic equipment to reset the Service Light to indicate when the  next service is required. 

Cam Belt Changes:

  • All manufactures recommend a time or mileage replacement.

  • When a cam belt is replaced, care is taken to ensure the ajoining parts are correctly synchronised.

  • We recommend a cam belt service kit is used which includes tensioner and other pulleys.

  • In some cases we aloso recommend that the water pump is changed at the same time.

  • Failure of the cam belt invariably results in costly and, in some cases, irreparable engine damage. 



  • We offer a full range of vehicle diagnostics using the latest equipment.

  • Accurate diagnostics are becoming more important as they reduce the need for unnecessary expensive replacement parts.

For more details please call us on 0115 9899511