Want more from your vehicle? Do you want to change it, without acutally changing it?!

We have the latest equipment and experience to carry out Engine Remapping to make your vehicle more fuel efficient and give more performance. 

How Do We Do This? 

One method is engine management software reprogramming, also known as 'Remapping'.

We are the official South Nottinghamshire Superchips fitting centre, having the latest BDM 100 programming kit covering the latest Superchip conversion to be released, including the Bosch EDC17.

Superchips are vehicle performance enhancing conversions for more torque and enhanced drivability, and can also improve fuel consumption. Better towing perfomance is also a benefit, due to the increased torque at lower revs.  Motorhomes also benefit from this increased torque with the weight of the vehicle.  Superchips offer a better drive, improving the performance of most modern cars, including non turbos, turbos and turbo diesels. You will find your car gives a sharper reaction, is more responsive offers a smoother ride and gives you more miles for the same fuel.

Get a Superchip from £234 including VAT and fitting.


For more details and a full comprehensive list of conversions available visit the Superchips web site at www.superchips.co.uk.  For over 25 years Superchips have been world leaders at reprogramming your vehicle's on-board computer to enhance performance and fuel economy.

An alternative fuel effcient modication is a  the Hiclone.

Hiclone is a non-moving stainless steel device that sits inside the air induction system (air intake pipe/hose) of an engine. It changes the flow of air from straight and direct into SWIRLING airflow. This swirling effect improves the air/fuel mixture creating a more complete combustion as more of the available fuel is consumed. The result is a smoother quieter engine with more power, which:

  • improves overall engine performance
  • extends engine life
  • improves mileage
  • saves fuel
  • produces less pollution

They can be fitted from £75 inclusive. 

Please ask for more details about the Hiclone Conversion or go to www.hiclone.co.uk for more information.